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About the HTA

Dating back to the 18th century, Hound Trailing is one of Cumbria’s oldest and most popular pastimes with meetings taking place up and down the Lakeland countryside...

The Hound Trailing Association (HTA)

Over the years Hound Trailing gained popularity within the local Lakeland communities, and in 1906 the governing body, the Hound Trailing Association (HTA) was formed under the direction of Robert Jefferson, a Whitehaven man.  Since then the sport has grown under the Association’s guidance and at present has more than five hundred members. 

The HTA is made up of 7 regional committees (detailed below) including; Westmorland, Whitehaven, Aspatria & Wigton, Cockermouth & Workington, Ulverston, Carlisle & Penrith and Keswick.

Barry Laidler

2009 – Present

Bookmaker, Trails Promoter, Hound Owner and Trainer

A real character of the Hound Trailing community, Barry has held the position of Chairman since 2009 and has been involved in the sport for over 60 years. He has owned & trained numerous hounds (especially in the early 70s) with stand out hounds including; Jackpot, Crackerjack, Sherwin, Quicksilver & Sugar Moss to name a few.

Paul Airey

2013 – Present

Trail Promoter, Owner, Breeder & Trainer

Paul Airey has been Vice-Chairman of the Hound Trailing Association since 2013 and Chairman of Carlisle & Penrith Area since 2001 and has been heavily involved in the sport for over 40 years.  The love of hound trailing is embedded within the family and his daughter Joanne has been going to the trails from 2 weeks old and now Granddaughter Lauren loves going trailing with her Grandad.  Paul has owned and trained many hounds over the years with his first being Meadow Moss and two favourites Meadow Star and Meadow Izzie.

Margaret Baxter

1990 – Present

Secretary, Trails Promoter, Hound Owner

An ever present within the sport of Hound Trailing, Margaret has dedicated the best part of 24 years to the role of secretary of the Hound Trailing Association.  Present across the majority of trails throughout Cumbria Margaret lives and breathes hound trailing.


Area Committee's

The Hound Trailing Association is currently split into 7 localised regions that help organise and run trails across Cumbria. Each area has an appointed Chairman who is supported by vice-chairmen, treasurers and committee members.

Aspatria & Wigton

Carlisle & Penrith

Cockermouth & Workington





Chairman: C. Satterthwaite

Vice-Chairman: J. Satterthwaite

Treasurer: R. Smithson

Committee: S. Glaister, C.Lister, G. Clencross, J. Irving, L. Hudson, G. Johnston

Chairman: P. Airey

Vice-Chairman: J. Pattinson

Treasurer: E. Charlton

Committee: T. Airey, R. Airey, W. Mellon, H. Turner, P. Mellon, A. Chisholm, D. Chisholm, A. Turner, J. Little

Chairman: P. Graham

Vice-Chairman: F. Dixon

Treasurer: P. Graham

Committee: D. Hogg, G. Woodend, S. Miles, J. Laidler, P. Laidler, N. Brown, I. Fleet, G. Irving

Chairman: D. Loan

Vice-Chairman: S. Jackson

Treasurer: C. Brownlee

Committee: M. Charlton, J. Burrell, A. Denley, D. Bland, J. Loan, J. Miller, G. Burkinshaw. C. Jackson, E. Cockbain

Chairman: A. Longhorn

Vice-Chairman: C. Oldcorn

Treasurer: J. Rowland, B. Leopold

Committee: J. Metcalfe, N. Lyon, K. Lyon, M. Wilson

Chairman: R. Dawson

Vice-Chairman: J. Simpson

Treasurer: J. Steele

Committee: K. Bunting, P. Tomlinson, M. Moorehead, S. Stainton

Joint Chairmen: C. McGee, J. Dobson

Vice-Chairman: A. Steele

Treasurers: N. Cameron, T. Hetherington

Committee: G. Farren, D. Crowe, S. Steele, J. McClellan, S. Riley

A Message From Our Chairman...

I was watching greyhound racing recently and the presenters were trying to answer the question “How does one get into greyhound racing?”  The answer was that if you are not born into it or closely related to someone who is, then you’ll find it difficult. Sound familiar?

I brought this up because, as the sport is declining, what do we do to revitalise it?  One way is perhaps by encouraging supporters to own hounds instead of just betting on them, thereby taking a more active part and helping the sport to survive.

On a positive note the media has taken hound trailing on board with a feature on BBC Breakfast last season and The One Show to come this spring, together with photographers from near and far asking when and where is the next trail meeting.

In conclusion a message to promoters – advertise your trails, put signs out, and look as though you want people to attend.  don’t just say, “We are here somewhere – come and find us.”  There are many ways in this modern world to reach out to the public.

Come on! Let’s go trailing!

– Barry Laidler –

January 2014

A Message From Our Patron...

The rain has to stop sometime!  It even stopped after Noah’s flood.  So we are looking for a dove with an olive branch – or maybe, better still, a hound with an olive branch.

If hound trailing can get through the worst weather for years then you feel it has the resilience to ride out all the other storms.

The Aztecs used to worship a Rain-God.  If any of you are on tweeting terms with Aztecs please let them know that we could do with a bit of help from them at the moment here in Cumbria.

Warmest wishes to all the Owners and Supporters of this indomitable sport, and I hope to make it to some trails this summer!

With best wishes.

– Melvyn Bragg –

January 2014