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Area AGM.

Cockermouth and Workington :

Notice of Motion: That the £5 prize money for 7th– 10th at the HTA major events be discontinued but continue with the rosettes.Carried

more to follow.


13 members present.

Finance  £6268.

Notice of Motion : That the micro-chip number is added to the registration form. Carried.

Recommendation : All relevant fees be paid by the 1st of January

Price of trailing mixture questioned- The cost to the promoter is £15 this was thought to be to expensive as the actual cost of the present mixture is £8.70p.

Also the case of Paraffin versus Kerosene was raised ,some were of the opinion that paraffin was  to blame for the bad trails in the area .

Kate and Maurice Tunstall were recommended for honorary membership.


!2 members present

Finance  £3525.00.

Discussion on the future of the areas re amalgamation.

Future of the shepherds meets.

Recommended that Tant and Victor Inman be made honorary members .

Carlisle and  Penrith.

15 members present.

Chair thanked Margaret for her past work as secretary.

Finance  £6924.00

Charities benefited from the trails included – WI- Caldbeck sheep dog trials.- trailhound welfare- northern fells transport..

Should earmarking continue was discussed as was

Fixture clashes and a reduction in the number of type of trails at each  midweek meeting ie a minimum of three trails .


9 members present.

Finance £ 1200.00.

£567.00 was made this season and this money was divided locally.

Notice of Motion : That a hound would only be allowed to win one senior maiden trail in one season ie 25-50 mins.

This was defeated and similarly for the juniors – was also  defeated.



15 members were present.

Area funds stand at £753.00

65 members  18 kennels and 12 trail meetings..

Notice of motion which in contrast to Keswick was passed- that – Hounds and puppies may only be allowed to win One maiden trail and one open maiden in a season.

Discussion followed on several topics plus on whether it was practical to join forces with the Ulverston area\ , this was inconclusive as was the reduction in the number of areas .

The mixture was aired and considering the area had a number of ‘ one off trails which were run extremely well , it was considered that paraffin and aniseed and oil when necessary was adequate.


Due to the inclement weather only a small fraction of the membership were present .The rest to follow ————–



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