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Trailer Profiles

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1 Ricky Deacon 63y from Cockermouth – Gravedigger. Favourite venue- Fellside and Judy and Justice are hounds he admires.

Lays trails in the Penrith,Wigton.and Cockermouth areas.


2 David ( Spike) Loan 61y from Keswick- Postman- fav venue Uldale common.

Lays trails at Penrith,Keswick area. Chair of the Keswick area and a prolific  fell runner.


3 Garry Tomlinson 50y from Windermere -self-employed joiner,lays trails in the Windermere area – runs the local boxing club and is an excellent rally driver.

4 Anthony Steele 36y from Low Place farm Eskdale which is his favourite venue. Lays trails in and around Eskdale  but I think his favourite trail leads to the local.

5 Mark Steele aged 12  and is the youngest of our trailers .He runs the trails in Eskdale and like his dad ,home is his favourite venue.He does a bit of fell running and is a credit to our sport.

6 Jackson Nicholson 19y .Again one of our younger trailers and also a great asset and a pleasant disposition. He describes himself as a labourer and lays a trail at nearly all the Whitehaven area trails. His favourite venue is Kirkland.

7 David Crowe 59 y a farmer from Eskdale  who has been laying trails since he was 14 yrs old. He comes from a family steeped in trailing and his favourite venue is Wasdale Head. He lays most of the trails in the Whitehaven area and his hounds ‘ Come Home’.

8 Russel Dawson 52y, Chair of the Westmorland area and lays the trails in the Kendal area. His favourite venue is Greenholme and he and his wife Wendy name their hounds after ‘pop stars’

9 Darren Mcmaster 18y from Dearham .Lays the trails in the Cockermouth area and again one of the younger generation and a pleasure to have him  ‘on board’. his favourite  hound, a junior Langdale Ranger and his trail the ‘short end at Dean’;

10 Les Warwick 71y lays trails in the Penrith Area .Has been trailing for 50 years. Every trail is his favourite. An Excellent advert for the older generation and a good advert for the younger generation. Retired due to ill health in 2016.

11 Graham Thornton 55y Lives on the outskirts of trailing at Carnforth .Plasterer / builder lays trails at Kendal and Windermere.

His favourite venues  are the defunct Longsleddale and Beetham and Hartsop Magic is his favourite hound together with Another Idea.

12 Phil Graham 50y Chair of the Cockermouth area  -ex Mayor of cockermouth and prolific layer in and around the Northern circuit . Recognizable  by his’ bandana’. Has been a layer for 13 years .

13 Martin Burrow 53 y -30 years in trailing lives in  Kentmere, whjch together with Newlands are his favourite venues and Hartsop Magic is his hound.

14 Chris Oldcorn 31y .Layed his first trail aged 12 with his grandad ‘pip’ and they got lost. Favourite venue Askham,lays trails in the Ulverston area and Pips Lad – favourite hound.

15 Martin Wilson 53 y . He lives and works in Hertfordshire and has been laying trails for 3 years,mostly at week-ends. Hound he admired -Moon River.

16 James Mcllelan 27y In his own jocular way ‘ I lay trails by day and night’ His favourite trail is Wath Brow ( at night) and his hound Melody.

17 Stephen Irving 35y painter and decorator. Favourite trail to lay lamplugh and to watch , Wasdale and his hound -Lady Bandress.

Lays trails in the Whitehaven area and prefers daylight.

18 Geoff Rowand 53y .Ulverston area trail layer. Favourite venue Coniston and his hound Lady Dawn.

19 Duncan Chisholm  30y lays trails in the Penrith area and has been in trailing 10 yrs. His venue is Shap and his favourite hound Westgate Kyza.

20. John Grisedale- lives in Cockermouth and is a quality engineer at sellafield

He has laid trails in most areas- his favourite venue is Buttermere and his hound is Melody- He once was laying a trail at Buttermere on a stormy night,and threw the rag across a swollen beck, the rag didn’t make it and with sodden clothes he had to jump into it to retrieve the rag.

21 Joe Simpson- 62y. Bricklayer from Kendal lays the trails in the Kendal area. His favourite venue is Cold Fell and he likes laying the pup start at Kendal because it is the short end. He has been laying trails for 12 years and his favourite hounds are Show Girl and Melody.

22 Steve (Smiler) Miles . 52 y  from Seaton, a joiner,builder and general dogsbody,(Lesley’s description). 35 years in trailing,  favourite trail is Bridekirk  and his favourite hound is Buacail (boy).Has relinquished his membership.

23 Ian Donaldson: 53y from Whitehaven ,works for Balfour Beatty and has been laying trails since a ten year old. His favourite venue is Latrigg Top and his favourite hound Hartsop Magic’ Whilst laying a trail at Cold Fell he tried to jump the beck ,mistimed it and got washed downriver..

24 Ken Routledge: 62y .from Egremont he has been laying trails for 40 y Favourite venue is Cold fell. Buacail is his favourite hound. Whilst laying Egremont trail he climbed over a hedge only to find a couple ‘in flagrante delicto’.

25 Steven Riley 46y works at Sellafield and his favourite venue is Ambleside Two hounds he admires are Dairy One and Melody.

26 William Mark. 57y. Gardener from Cumwhitton. Favourite trail venue – Helton and Summer Flight and Progress are his favourite hounds both border hounds.

27 Garry Woodend 60y . Consultant Engineer ( ?)  45 years in trailing and his favourite trail is Millstone Moor. He lays most of the trails in the Cockermouth area and to be different whereas some trailers  tales are about falling into rivers Garry tells the tale about jumping into one ,to cool down ,on a hot afternoon . I’m not certain if he stripped off. His favourite hounds are Hartsop Magic and Ten Cents.

28 Alan (algy) Irving . 47y a market research consultant again lays most of the trails in the Cockermouth area and he is a keen member of Cockermouth mountain rescue. Buttermere is his favourite venue and Melody his hound. He recalls the day he was laying a trail when he had to rescue a deer trapped in a fence.

New trailers.  Tom Beaty from Troutbeck Windermere.

Neil Brown from Seaton.

Roy Laidler from Grange.

Patrick Laidler from Hi Laws.

Peter Bland     from Grasmere.

Alan Coates     from Grasmere.

Mike Charlton   from Threlkeld.

Craig Mark       from Carlisle.

Colin Satterthwaite from Wigton.