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Barry Laidler

Barry Laidler lives in Windermere and has recently taken over from Ian Beck as the new HTA Chairman. Baz (as he is fondly known) has occupied just about every role in the sport including bookmaker, hound owner, hound trainer, committee member, area Chairman and Executive member.

1) How long have you been involved in the sport of Hound Trailing?

I started going to trails with my Dad and Grandad in the fifties but really got interested in 1960 when I was twelve, 50 years ago.

2) Which has been the best hound you have trained and why?

Jackpot 11 (contrary to what our lad says), Jackpot 111, Crackerjack and Sherwin. I have also owned Sugar Moss, Same Again and Riversmith.

3) Which is the best hound you have seen run and why?

One of the best hounds has to be Shannon, he had all round ability (Our Pat said that, so to be different).

I am going for a Three time Champion hound.  Who in 1962 confounded all, by winning the first £100 trail sponsored by Vaux at Kendal Show, priced at 20-1, Dairyman!  He was always up early and delivered on time!

4) Which is your favourite venue and why?

Ambleside Sports – for nostalgic reasons.

5) Which were your most memorable victories and why?

I have a few!

– Winning the Dog Puppy Maidens and second in the Puppy trail on International day at Bewaldeth in 1972 with Crackerjack and Jackpot.

– Sugar Moss winning the Bitch Produce and Same Again at Cold Fell and Sherwin at Loweswater Show for emptying the bookies satchels!

6) Which current day hound would you most like in your kennel?

I haven’t got a kennel, so which hound do I most admire? For determination after suffering a serious injury, Gifted!

7) Who is your favourite hound trailing character, past or present?

Hound Trailing has been littered with characters, but who will ever forget bookmaker Big Gordon of Barrow.  He lived in Ulverstone and his surname was Crook and his catchphrase, “Who wants to see my Mother-in-law before we screw her down”. 

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