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Bill Huddart

Bill lives at Egremont and is a familiar face on the trail field especially in the West of the county. He promotes trails at Baybarrow, Egremont and also Cold Fell Gate and had a long association with HTA life member, Wils Logan.

1) How did you get involved in the sport of Hound Trailing?

I married into a hound trailing family and after three years resisting, my father-in-law finally persuaded me to give him and his two hounds a lift in my car to the trails at Winscales Moor and as they say the rest is history.

2) How long have you been involved in the sport of Hound Trailing?

Since 1968, handling hounds and then in the 1970’s I got involved with promoting and ‘laying’ trails and in the last fifteen years assisting the Whitehaven area committee with judging and operating the video camera.

3) Which has been the best hound you have trained and why?

Lively Lad (brother to Shannon) won the most races for us and then Lively Lady, Lifeboat and Lively Ship all had that something ‘special’ about them.

4) Which is the best hound you have seen run and why do you think so?

This is the hardest question to answer, Melody was a four time champion, Lady Bandress a record number of wins, 62 in one season and Lancer, the first champion I saw.  Could run anywhere, impressive to watch.  How could it be so superior to its opponents?

5) What is your favourite venue and why?

I have two favourite venues, Cold Fell and Wasdale Head.  Cold Fell for its viewing and seeing fast hounds in action and Wasdale also for its viewing and watching hounds have to work.  Also the race is never over at Wasdale until the finishing line is crossed.

6) Which are your most memorable victories?

Lively Lad winning at Lowick.  He came from fifth place and beat the locals.  He was a great downhiller and Lifeboat winning first time at Wasdale, he wasn’t a recognised fell dog.

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