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Glennis Farron

Glennis lives at Arlecdon and has loved hound trailing all her life and as well as owning and training hounds she has played a big role at official level. She has served on the Whitehaven area committee for 18 years and has been an Executive member for the past 14 years.

1) How did you get interested in the sport of Hound Trailing?

My father took me to the trails when I was a child, suppose that was the start of the ‘bug’ and in my teens I started slipping and catching for my Uncle Jake Timmins.  I then met Brian Fowler who introduced me to Mrs Foy who I got my first pup from and the rest is history.

2) How long have you been involved in the sport of Hound Trailing?

Longer than I like to think about now!

3) Which has been the best hound you have trained?

Without a doubt Miss Patsie, though missing her puppy season due to Foot and mouth she won the 2 year old championship and a total of 73 trails which included the Produce, Cock How Festival, Whitehaven Classic and three Association Trails, and was runner-up to the great Melody in the Senior Championship, due to injury only ran for 2 1/2 season.

4) Which is the best hound you have seen run and why?

Lady Bandress

5) What is your favourite venue?

Cold Fell Gate, apart from Steele Brow it is the best viewing trail in the Association and is proved year after year by the amount of people who support it.

6) Which is your most memorable victory?

Winning the Open Restricted with Miss Dido at the Cockhow Festival.  Though a great runner Sally tended to give trails away on the finish, that day she got it right much to the delight of our Grandchildren.  It was very memorable.

7) Which current day hound would you like to have in your kennell?

Jet Rose caught my eye in the trial trails but I do not begrudge Brenda and Roly Johnston one single ticket as they deserve a good run.

8) Who is your favourite hound trailing character, past or present?

Many people come to mind and sadly a lot of them are in the great hound trail in the sky but I think for sheer stay ability and the gift he has with dogs and people I must say Victor Brownlee, he is always happy to give advice, admires a good hound even if it is not his and really is a good guy.  He encourages the youth into the sport and without youth we have no future.

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