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Ian Fleet

Ian lives in Camerton and is a familiar face with his family. Mother Dot, sister Judith and niece Laura on the trail field. Ian has been a Cockermouth and Workington Area Committee for 6-7 years. Ian has been a keen hound trailer for over 40 years.

1) How did you get involved in the sport of Hound Trailing?

Mam and Dad for a hound when I was 6 years old.

2) How long have you been involved in the sport of Hound Trailing?

40 odd years ago and still learning the sport.

3) Which have been the best hounds you have trained?

Ben Lomond

4) Which is the best hound you have seen run and why do you think so?


5) What is your favourite venue and why?

Rosthwaite, all my hounds run it well and the valley itself is stunning.

6) Which are your most memorable victories?

Latrigg Tops, Ben Lomond winning the Open Restricted 14 June 2003 Produce Day, May Day Grange in Barrowdale Open Restricted 2005.

7) Who is your favourite hound trailing character past or present and why?

It has to be my old marra Derrick Hill, because when we get together at the end of season party we sink a few pints and put the world to rights!! That’s if he stays “awake’ long enough! He’s a good crack.

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