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Martin Burrow

Martin lives at Mill Riggs, Kenmore and currently has four hounds in training Dempsey, Davina, Della and Desire.

1) How did you get interested in the sport of Hound Trailing?

I built some hound kennels for Ian Porter and while working there went to the trails with him one day.  I have been interested ever since.

2) How long have you been involved in the sport of Hound Trailing?

About 30 years.  I had my first hound in 1985, he was called Motown.

3) Which have been the best hounds you have trained?

Desire is undoubtedly the best, but Motown was a good hound, I wish we had him now, he would’ve won a lot more trails.

4) Which is the best hound you have seen run and why do you think so?

Hartsop Magic.  If she got a lead and got wrong she would soon get back to the front and pull away again.

5) What is your favourite venue and why?

I used to love Martindale.  It was a nice little valley and was a good seeing trail.  Newlines is my favourite venue of today.  The locals all turn out and it is always a friendly meeting with a good atmosphere.

6) Which are your most memorable victories?

Winning the Bitch Produce with Desire and also winning Open Restricted on May Day in 2007 with Dempsey, that was our first big trail win.

7) Which current day hound would you like to have in your kennel and why?

Westgate Ruby – she must throw some good pups!

8) Who is your favourite hound trailing character, past or present and why?

Ike Dixon – good crack and a genuine nice fella.

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