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Every once in a while a Hound appears from nowhere with the talent, endurance and willpower to beat all in front of it. Within this section we remember those Legendary hounds as voted for by HTA committee members... Special!

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Roll of Honour

HTA Champion - Pups - 2002 - 42 wins
HTA Champion - 2003 - 39 wins
HTA Champion - 2004 - 42 wins
HTA Champion - 2005 - 28 wins

BLACK DIAMOND;-( Diamond- Sweep )A hound that never won a Championship but is regarded as one of the best although it does not appear in any records.

He won a total of 173 trails between 1946-52. As a pup in 46 he won 18 trails, in 47 he won 14 trails , in 48 he won 54 trails, in 49 he won 42 trails. in 50 he won 24. 16 in 51 and in 52 he won 5. He also recorded 45 seconds and 34 thirds.

He had the misfortune to be born in the same era as Perivale regarded by many to be the ‘ daddy’ of all trail hounds.



In 1985 ‘ Magic’ won 32 puppy trails but still only finished second to Cragsman in the championship.

In 1986 she won the senior championship with 26 wins.

She once again finished runner up in the 1987 championship four wins behind Advertiser.

She came to fame in 1988 when she nearly claimed the all time record for wins in a season when she notched up 57 one short of Perivale’s record.

She passed away at the age of 12 having won two championships and 153 trails.



Triple senior champion in 2003 -4 -5 after winning the junior championship in 2002. She won a total of 43 pup trails and 120 senior championship trails, 39 in 2003.42 in 2004, 28 in 2005 ad 11 in 2006. Trained by Victor Brownlee and jointly owned with Eric Cockbain , homed at Stonethwaite in the Borrowdale valley. She had the distinction of winning in all seven areas of the association.

SHANNON-Townhead Lad- Busy Lass.

Once more from the prolific stable of Victor Brownlee of Stonethwaite in the Borrowdale Valley, owned by the late ‘ Billy’ Jackson of Rosthwaite.

Shannon won his first trail at Braithwaite in 1969 and went on to finish third in the puppy championship with a total of 28 wins six behind the Champion Judy.

In 1970 He won a total of 15 trails , and once again Judy was Champion then He came to his own and became Senior Champion in 1971 with 41 wins and again in 72 with 39 wins.

HIs final victory was at the world famous Grasmere Sports in 1973 a season in which He won five trails.

He was a fell trail specialist , often finishing well clear , but he could also adapt to other types of trails.

‘Mac’ ,his kennel name, was a genuine , reliable hound and in many peoples eyes ‘ the best they have seen’,

A tale: ‘Mac’ got free from his car one evening and wandered into the bookies ring , stopped in front of my board and wag his tail when I said ‘hello mac’ and in the same breath I asked the nearest person if he liked to take him home, his reply ‘ no chance’ I wouldn’t have it for ‘all the tea in china’.

It’s only Shannon I replied probably the best hound you have ever seen and you don’t want it.! Happy Days!.


Triple Senior Champion 1958-59-60, the first triple bitch champion.

She held off Miss Ray in 1960 to win the title with 31 wins and in 1958 43 wins but her year was in 1959 when she equalled the record number of senior wins with a total of 58 with that of Perivale.

In 1961, and a quote from the ‘news’ – former triple champion is far from a spent force for at Bothel on Saturday she ran with her old fire to raise the flag for the fifth time this season and with half the season left is in contention for a fourth title. Alas this was her final win

She won a total of 137 senior trails although a vast majority were in her own area they still take winning.

There was a premature end to the 1957 season and with 19 wins she finished behind the two Galloways Mist and Mac in the puppy championship.


Once more a senior triple champion 1954-55 56.

He finished third in the junior championship in 1953 with 23 wins behind Lonning Lad.

In 54 he won 34 trails and was pushed all the way by Oak Lass, who’s challenge faded and was six behind.

40 wins in ’55 and 29 in ’56 and two in ;57 brought his total of career wins to 128.

His last success was at an old hunting ground at Torver and quoting from the ‘news’

Despite his years the champion is always the center of attention wherever he runs and there will always be punters who have an affectionate regard for him.

Whitbarrow ,hailed from Cartmel on the southern boundary of the association but he often made successful raids on other areas, no trail was out of bounds!


266 wins in a seven year career which in many supporters minds is a feat  that will never be surpassed and is without doubt one of, if not, the best hound that has graced the hound trailing scene of all time ,certainly in living memory.

He won 24 trails in 1946 as a junior then after finishing second to Sunset , with 34 wins in 1947, he embarked on an unprecedented run of four senior championships – winning 58 trails 1948-, 52 in 1949,-44 in 1950-,39 in 1951.

In 1952 He won 15 trails and finished runner up to Ravensbarrow, in his career Peri won over £1500 in prize money. ( in the 50’s that would have bought a house)

Quote from the ‘news’. At Workington six year old Perivale was 2/1 favourite Black Diamond was 5/2. The Kendal hound Hycilla led onto the finish in front of Wanderer and longsail, Perivale passed them all and went on to win by five yards.

In retirement at the grand age of ten he was reported to have escaped from his kennel, when a local trail was being held, got onto the trail and finished the course , much to the delight of those who recognised the former champ has he romped up the finish to a round of applause.


Once more a prolific winner , junior champion and twice senior champion. She was a competent performer on all types of trails and showed her class when travelling to Windermere and defied the sceptics when she won handsomely.

In 1981 she was puppy champion with 28 wins.

In 1982 Senior Champion with 36 wins.

In 1983 with 28 wins she was runner -up to River Glen,

In 1984 once more champ with 26 wins

And in 1985 she scored eight times.

Her first victory as a junior was on the first Saturday of the season at Ennerdale and her final win was at the BNFL trails at Cock How on June 29th 1965


Another prolific winner ,trained by Peggy Horsley and owned by the Jacksons of Borrowdale. The name derives from ‘boy’ in Irish

and bears reference to ‘boy’ Jackson his joint owner..

He won his first trail at Applethwaite Common on 16th April 1975 following in his father’s footsteps. He went on to claim the junior championship with 37wins and then followed a remarkable career with the senior championship in 1976 with 39 wins 1977 with 35 . In 1978 he was runner-up to Limbo Dancer with 28 victories and in 1979 had 7 wins and still not finished in 1980 he had 3 wins the last one being at Torver on the 13th August.

149 victories on all types of ‘running’ and one other claim to fame is that he represented the hound trailing association at crufts dog show in the ‘ Parade of champions’

His litter brother MERLIN kennelled also in Borrowdale ran for three seasons and won 72 trails.



Once more a triple senior champion winning 48 trails in 1995;

49 in 1996 and 25 in 1997.

As a junior in 1993 he won 9 trails with his first success at Gosforth  in April also winning the International puppy trail at Bridekirk. In his first season as a senior    he finished runner-up to Den- e – Lee with 26 wins . This made a total of 157 wins throughout his career, he won his last trail at Hawes on the 20th September and this was enough to win the Championship of 1997 after a serious challenge from Bracelet in the final month.

He was owned and trained by Peter (Pal) and Marlene Chambers from Kendal and was a regular sight in the early hours being exercised through the middle of town especially by the local constabulary.


A hound that was as versatile as any other champion and he won a total of 112 trails .

As a junior in 1971 he won 14 trails , his first success was at Longsleddale of which he had an association although trained by Ken and John Parker at Crosbythwaite Ulpha.

In 1972 he won 26 trails and then became champion with 41 wins in 1973 and followed up with 31 wins in 1974..

His career was cloaked in controversy , as was recorded in the International at Bewaldeth where he survived a stewards inquiry , he also went on to win the International seniors at Shap, the first to score an International double.


Well known throughout hound trailing circles as the ‘lowsider’ from Kendal , a name that was given to hounds ‘ south of Dunmail Raise’.

He holds the record for the number of championship wins in a season which includes both senior and junior , 59 is the record  made in 1956.

He was senior champ in 1957 with 26 wins and in 58 his 37 wins were not enough to fend off Lady Pat and he was runner -up.

Although he was a ‘lowsider ‘ he wasn’t adverse to travel and often successfully raided the ‘topside’

In 1959  He only managed two wins and in 1960 eight victories including one at Warton and one at Dockray.

A total of 132 victories and a record holder .


Once more a triple champion and once more from Borrowdale, trained by the indomitable ‘Ben Pat’.

He was predominantly a ‘fell ‘hound but when he won the Vaux senior trail at Kendal Show he showed his versatility.

In 1959 he won 12 junior trails  and in 1960 he won 14 senior .

His first championship was in 1961 with a total of 26 wins then followed in 1962 with 38 ,and 63 with 24 and in 64 he was in with a chance of a four -timer but was thwarted in the run-in by the younger legs of Whiplash and Demander, and finished third in the championship with 21 wins , a grand total of 135.









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