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December meeting of the HTA area committees.

Meeting held at Keswick Sunday 3rd  December 2017.

It was recommended to the members that honorary membership be given to Maurice and Kate Tunstall and Victor and Tant Inman.

Also recommended was that all fixtures , times and dates and class of trails are advertised in the fixture list at least 28 days in advance.

Also the number of areas was discussed with the idea of reducing them, This was also in the hands of the Committee and would be discussed at the next meeting.

Notices of motion which will be on the agenda at the AGM.

The removing of prize money of 7-10 in the HTA major trails.

Micro chipping to be included on the registration form.

Maiden hounds are allowed only one win at maiden level and open maiden level/.

Rule 54.6 to include the words . and shows that include hounds from local packs after agricultural and horticultural shows ,full admission may be charged but entries free.

There was an interim report from the treasurer and a small profit was forecast for 2017.

The 2018 annual will be sponsored by the HTA’s former secretary Margaret Baxter and she will be looking for articles of interest to put in the 2018 edition.

The 200 club was drawn .

Nov £75 No.219 John Milburn.

£ 25  no 51 Lynn Brown.

Dec  £ 75 no 231 C. Harrison.

£ 25  no 189 G Beck.

£500 December Number 101 Tommy Garside Bowness – on – Windermere.


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